Joseph Eisenreich

"I've been super happy with my treatment here. The staff are all professional but personable and the doctor has never, once, felt rushed and was incredibly kind about answering the 1000's of questions I asked about care options. While he was completely open to stating his opinion on the best course of action, it didn't feel like a mandate. Definitely recommend them!"

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Robin Kinard

"The staff is kind and professional. Dr. Vidrine is awesome. His PA is very nice and knowledgeable. We are keeping them!"

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Lauren Acquaviva

“SC ENT was about the fifth doctor’s office I was sent to to try to diagnose my issue. The doctors were ready to tackle my problem as soon as they came in the exam room and explained everything to me in a way I could understand. While they ended up having to refer me to a neurologist, they were extremely helpful in teaching me more about my problem. They even scheduled the neurologist appointment for me to ensure I was seeing a doctor who is good at dealing with challenging cases. I truly appreciate the headway SC ENT made in help me resolve my issue.”

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Barbara Evans

“We have been patients for 5 years. Love the docs and the staff. Best move we made. We both have been a lot healthier. We both would and do recommend them.”

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Amanda Perry

“Very friendly staff. Wonderful caring doctors. They treat my entire family. I was made to feel very comfortable and very informed at every visit. Highly recommend!”

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Edward Cox

“Awesome folks here. Very friendly. Very professional.”

Sidney Bass

“My visits to doctors, the office, and office staff were all very positive. Doctors were especially knowledgeable, helpful, and caring. I received follow-up care from a hospital stent and was able to get continued care to help me on the road to recovery. I would recommend this office and doctors to anyone.”

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Laurel Cofell

“Dr. Vidrine is awesome. Takes great care of our kiddo! Office staff also helpful. Would definitely recommend!”

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Elouise Simon

“My son loves going here so do I. Very friendly doctor’s and staff”

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Christina Gambrill

“We were referring to SC ENT for a second opinion. Their office is wonderful! Dr. Scarino is absolutely amazing! We have been seen there many times and have had several surgeries for our son. I always know exactly what the surgery plan is and fully understand everything that happened during surgery and the follow up plan. He’s always very professional and makes sure you understand everything and don’t have any questions before you leave the office. He has gained our sons trust (which is a huge deal) with his ear. We have seen some of the other doctor’s in the practice and everyone is wonderful! I would highly recommend their office.”

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Lisa Twitty

“Every person who works at this facility is friendly, kind, and patient. I heartily recommend SCENT for allergy treatment!”

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Annie Williams

“The staff was great nice and resourceful.the doctors are superb and the diagnosis are thorough and accurate I recommend SCENT to everyone”

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D Renn

“Everyone was very friendly and professional. The office was clean and pleasant. I felt very comfortable with the doctor and he was knowledgeable and relatively gentle. If I ever need an ENT I would definitely go back. I think that’s pretty high marks coming from an ER Nurse.”

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Lps Silly Productions

“I’ve dealt with SC ENT on several occasions. They are efficient, professional, caring and supportive. They explain everything as they go and even offer bilingual services. I was very impressed and highly recommend them!!”

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Kashmir D’eredita

“They are always very cheery and welcoming when you walk into the office. The doctors and other clinical staff are always very easy to deal with and listen to your concerns. They are very accommodating to your needs even if you do not have an appointment. The ladies in the shot room are very sweet and attentive to the overall health and wellness of each patient from week to week. Overall this had been one of the best ENT offices I have dealt with since having kids.”

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Renika Johnson

“The service at South Carolina ENT, Allergy and Sleep Medicine was amazing. The staff makes you feel welcome and comfortable there. Your provided with outstanding and patient centered care. Your questions are answered by the staff. I would recommend this location to anyone.”

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Elizabeth Derrick Hitchcock

“Leigh Ann and Dr. Emani were amazing! After 6 weeks of suffering, 2 urgent care visits and an er visit, I finally made it to this ENT. After confirming my suspicious that I had not previously been on correct medications, I finally got something to help! I’m confident that I’m finally on the road to feeling better. I will highly recommend this clinic!”

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