Hearing problems often progress gradually—sometimes they develop due to listening to loud noises for extended periods of time and sometimes they develop due to the normal aging process. Some people who have other health concerns or congenital conditions are more prone to hearing loss. If you think you’re having hearing problems, it’s important that you see an audiologist for an evaluation. You can see this type of hearing doctor at South Carolina ENT in Columbia, SC.

Signs of Hearing Problems
According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, approximately 20 percent of Americans are struggling with some type of hearing loss. That number rises to 33 percent for seniors 65 or older. Here are a few of the signs of hearing problems to look for:

- Constantly asking others to repeat what they said.
- Having to turn the television or radio up louder than normal.
- Ringing sound in the ears that no one else hears.

Causes Behind Hearing Loss
There are certain behaviors and habits that can increase the chance of developing hearing problems. Here are a few to consider:

- Listening to music at loud volumes with earbuds or headphones.
- Going to concerts or clubs and standing too close to stereo equipment.
- Working at a job that involves loud equipment, like construction, without wearing protective headgear.
- Swimmer’s ear (an infection that’s common in children and teens who swim often).

It’s important to tell your Columbia, SC audiologist about any medications you’re taking.

Help with Hearing Problems
A hearing doctor at South Carolina ENT can provide you with solutions for your hearing problem. At your appointment, your ears will be evaluated and tested with an audiogram to determine the extent of the issue. After diagnosis, one of the following treatments may be recommended by your doctor:

- A course of antibiotics or ear drops if there’s an ear infection.
- Ear cleaning if the problem is simple wax buildup.
- Hearing aids to enhance your hearing ability.
- Surgery in some cases.

Make an Appointment with an Audiologist
An audiologist is a doctor that focuses on diagnosing and treating hearing loss in patients. If you’re tired of saying “can you repeat that please?” to your friends and family members, call (803) 736-3277 today to schedule an appointment with a physician at South Carolina ENT in Columbia, SC.