Children are regularly screened for hearing loss because they may be at an elevated risk of ear infections, injury, and diseases. Protect your child’s ability to process sounds normally by learning more about hearing loss, including possible causes. Also find out how it can be treated by an audiologist at South Carolina ENT in Lugoff, Camden, Winnsboro, Sumter, and Columbia, SC.

Causes of Hearing Loss in Children
Children are fragile in just about every way, especially newborn babies and toddlers. Their ears are still growing and vulnerable to damage, which makes them more likely to develop hearing problems. A condition called Otitis media (a middle ear infection) causes inflammation and infection in the ear. Water or a foreign particle trapped inside of the ear can also limit a child’s ability to hear. Some children have hearing problems due to acquired diseases or conditions, like a case of measles, mumps, or influenza.

Treating Hearing Loss
The hearing loss treatment your child’s doctor recommends will depend on the cause. The audiologist will visually check the child’s ears and perform an ear test called an audiometry exam. If the child has an ear infection, antibiotic medication may be prescribed. If there’s water or a foreign object in the ear, it will be safely removed by your Lugoff, Camden, Winnsboro, Sumter, and Columbia doctor.

Prevention Tips
There are steps you can take to prevent or minimize the chance of hearing loss in children. When swimming, give children earplugs to avoid water getting trapped or ear infections. Avoid earphones for music, especially in toddlers, but if you must use them limit the volume levels and period of use. Allergies or respiratory disorders may be related to the issue, so make sure that your child takes his or her prescribed medications. Keep in mind that children do not always report symptoms of hearing loss—you have to keep an eye on their behaviors. If they don’t respond to your voice at normal levels, seem inattentive, display irritability, or have vertigo symptoms, these may be signs that you should see your pediatrician urgently.

Protect Your Child’s Hearing
As a parent, your top priority is protecting your child’s health. Having as much information as possible about hearing loss will allow you to avoid this problem. Call (803) 736-3277, (803) 408-3277, or (803) 883-0701 today to schedule an appointment with a Lugoff, Camden, Winnsboro, Sumter, or Columbia, SC, audiologist.