Is it time you turned to an audiology specialist in Columbia for care?

There are many ear conditions that could benefit from professional care. While you may just consider calling your family physician, there are situations in which it is important that you turn to a doctor who specializes in ear, nose and throat problems. Discover the many ways our Columbia, SC, audiologists and ENT team could help you.

Ringing in the Ears

Do you experience a condition known as tinnitus, in which there is a persistent ringing in the ears? If so, then it’s important to get an evaluation performed by our audiology specialist in Columbia who can determine the cause of your tinnitus. We can also determine which medical professional will help you the most based on the underlying cause. Sound therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy are just some of the ways to improve tinnitus symptoms.

Hearing Loss

A qualified audiologist should evaluate you if you have hearing loss of any kind. Besides determining the extent of your hearing loss we can also recommend lifestyle modifications to prevent the issue from getting worse and recommend a hearing aid to help make certain sounds and voices clearer, particularly in noisy environments.

Fitting Your Hearing Aid

Not only do they evaluate and determine whether or not you have hearing loss but audiologists are also there to provide advice on the different hearing aids available in Columbia and to fit you with your new device. The type of device you get will depend on the results of your hearing test. A hearing aid should be chosen based on your unique needs and an audiologist is the best professional to turn to for hearing aid help.

Receive Proper Hearing Protection

There are a ton of hearing protection products on the market and sometimes it can be a bit daunting to find the one that will provide ample protection for what you need. Whether you are someone who plays in a band or you are on a construction site, the sounds around you can be enough to lead to severe hearing loss if you aren’t careful. Having an audiology expert on your side who can provide you with hearing protection you can trust is invaluable.

Are you dealing with tinnitus or hearing loss? Want to find out more about the ENT services we offer? Then call South Carolina ENT in Columbia, SC, today to schedule an appointment with us.