What your doctors in Columbia want you to know

If you are getting older, you may be having hearing difficulties. It’s common to have some degree of hearing loss as you age. In fact according to the American Speech-Language Hearing Association, over thirty percent of adults over 65 have hearing loss. You may need to seek the services of an audiologist. Your doctors at South Carolina ENT in Columbia, SC can help.

Audiologists are specialists who deal with ear conditions and problems. They treat ringing in the ears (tinnitus) or inner ear problems, ear infections and balance problems. The main focus of an audiologist is treating hearing difficulties and hearing loss. They do a hearing screening, comprehensive screening and prescribe hearing devices, medications and other treatments for diminished hearing.

There are some definite signs and symptoms you should see an audiologist. An audiologist can help if you:

  • Are hearing muffled sounds or speech
  • Need those around you to speak more loudly and slowly
  • Are unable to pick out consonants in speech
  • Are unable to pick out distinct words from noise in the background

The audiologists at South Carolina ENT will begin with a hearing test to find out if you are losing your hearing and how much hearing loss you have. The American Speech-Language Hearing Association recommends a hearing screening for adults every 10 years up to age 50, and every 3 years after age 50. If you do have hearing loss, there are a wide range of state-of-the-art hearing aids available to help you hear well again.

If you are missing out on conversations due to hearing loss, it can be devastating to your sense of well-being and your self-esteem. When you visit the audiologists at South Carolina ENT you can be assured of compassionate care and excellent treatment.

You don’t have to suffer the isolation of hearing loss. You deserve to hear every moment of your beautiful life so visit your audiologist. For more information about your audiologists services call your doctors at South Carolina ENT in Columbia, SC. Start hearing better tomorrow by calling today!