You may not notice a sudden change in your hearing if you have hearing loss. In fact, early signs can be very subtle. The otolaryngologists

at South Carolina ENT in Columbia, Camden, Lugoff, Sumter, and Winnsboro, SC, share a few signs that may occur if you experience hearing loss.

You've recently had work or relationship problems

If you have hearing loss, you may miss key words or even complete sentences during conversations with your co-workers, supervisor, friends, spouse or significant other. Do your family members insist that they told you about an event or problem, yet you have no recollection of the conversation? If they uttered those important sentences when they were in another room or at a time when you weren't looking at them, you may not have realized that you missed anything. Hearing loss may also be a problem if you're suddenly missing deadlines at work, or your boss claims you didn't follow instructions.

Watching TV shows and movies is no longer enjoyable

If you have hearing loss, it may be difficult to hear the dialogue over background music in TV shows and movies. Even if you turn up the sound on your TV, you may still find that you miss chunks of the action. Going to a movie theater can be just as frustrating. When you've lost interest in your favorite shows or televised sports, hearing loss may be to blame.

People just don't speak clearly anymore

If it seems as if everyone in your life has suddenly decided to mumble, they may not have actually changed their speech patterns. In fact, the problem may be your ears. During a visit to our Columbia, Camden, Lugoff, Sumter, or Winnsboro offices, we'll conduct a hearing test to determine if everyone else is really mumbling or you have developed hearing loss.

Using the telephone is hard

When your hearing declines, you may find that it's easier to identify words if you can watch the other person's mouth as they speak. Unfortunately, you won't be able to use this coping technique unless you conduct your phone conversations via Facetime or Skype. You may have a hearing problem if you once spent a lot of time on the phone, but now limit your interactions with other people to emails and text.

If you've noticed any of these changes in your hearing, schedule a visit with the otolaryngologists at South Carolina, ENT. Make an appointment by calling (803) 736-3277 for the Columbia, Camden or Winnsboro, SC, offices, (803) 883-0701 for the Sumter office, or (803) 408-3277 for the Lugoff office.